5 key points to write a good essay

Respect its structure, choose an interesting topic and include personal reflections are some of the key points

Education and work, a story already written

The story of a person who wants to enter the world of work starts from afar and is often a story already written with pay someone to write my essay: family, gender and nationality are the first 3 factors that determine the success or failure of their professional history . If you are a male, come from a family of graduates and have citizenship in the country you live in, you will be more likely to continue your studies and find a suitable job.



OECD The latest report by the OECD , the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development , describes Italy as a country in sad decline :  those who come from an uneducated family do not arrive at the University,  young graduates are few and disadvantaged and women make less men's careers. The so-called social elevator does not work anymore because the educational and professional destiny of our children is already written according to the family of origin: today 90% of the graduates have at least one graduate parent while there are very few boys who can graduate from a less educated family. The reasons start from afar, even from the nursery school . We are a country where the lines of asylum, both municipal and private, are very high and only wealthy families can afford them. And the nest is already the first piece of the cultural baggage that a boy carries around. In general Italy is a country with a good level of education: it  is expected that 53% of the population will obtain a secondary diploma higher than professional guidance in the course of their existence  but the percentage of graduates is not satisfactory compared to the European average . These low levels of graduates may be partly due to insufficient job prospects and low financial returns following the attainment of the doctor's degree, although employment and retribution are always more favorable for those with a higher qualification than a lower one .



ocse2Also the skills that boys and girls choose to study are crucial for professional life . In Italy, scientific and technological studies have seen an increase in recent years and this is a good sign because the labor market requires precisely these so-called STEM disciplines. Like all OECD countries, men represent the vast majority of first and second level graduates in technology (79% first and 86% second) and in engineering, industrial production and construction (69% and 73%). Women are over-represented in education, fine arts and humanities, social sciences, journalism and information; as well as in the health and social services sector, both in the first and second degree levels, and also in the natural sciences, mathematics and statistics at the master's level, representing more than 60% of the graduates in these fields. This preponderance in girls in the humanities has led to a gap with respect to young people, both in terms of employment and retribution for the benefit of young people. The gap is not only seen at the beginning of the career but also in the long term because even the top positions of companies are mostly held by men than by women. Women are a wasted talent as women are the majority of graduates and are even better and quicker to graduate than boys. The system does not even help foreigners because they have a lower level of education and fewer expectations at work. 

To start again, it is essential to review the educational system in close contact with the work but also to ensure that there is fairness for access to education and inclusion in the labor market especially for the actors who today seem more fragile: young people, women and foreigners .

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5 key points to write a good essay

Respect its structure, choose an interesting topic and include personal reflections are some of the key points


For your academic success it is necessary to know how to write a good essay.

With these tips you will have the necessary tools to make a good thesis.


All the parts of your essay are equally important, you know how to write them correctly.

It is very common that at the time of writing an essay all the ideas we had vanish and the mind goes blank.


For ideas to be ordered, it is important to know the structure of this type of monograph , but there are also other factors that influence its quality.


Below, we present 4 tips to take into account to do it correctly , according to the portal How to make a good trial

  1. Respect the structure

The main thing is to know the structure of the tests, which has an introduction, a development and a conclusion .


The introduction is usually short, but everything depends on the size of our writing. Its function is to introduce the reader to the topic and to inform him or her of what has been said about the topic so far, that is, to present the background information.


The development is nothing more and nothing less than the body of the essay . This is where you must expose the arguments that support the hypothesis. Remember to include quotes, sources and references, as they give accuracy to the work.


The conclusion is the final part of the essay. In it we can make a recapitulation of the main argumentative lines following a line from the hypothesis and end up giving our point of view or final resolution of the topic.


  1. Choose an interesting subject

However orderly the structure of the essay, it is necessary that the topic in question be of great relevance . Address current issues and write taking into account the target audience. Check the local media and get acquainted with the topics that are on the table.

  1. Do not cover too many points

The essay does not pretend to exhaust all the possibilities of a topic, but focuses only on a part of it. Avoid writing paragraphs and paragraphs of other aspects of the topic in question.


  1. Use short phrases

This will give dynamism to the text and will keep the reader's attention . It is a way to avoid boring your audience and that ideas are concrete.

  1. Includes reflections

No matter how objective your essay should be, it is recommended that after the conclusion you include a paragraph that stimulates reflection and try to change the reader's perspective on the subject.